Affordable Metaphysical Life Coaching for Personal Growth,  Relationships, Self Discovery or Spiritual Growth starts here. You can choose to go into a group coaching program which is done online on a weekly basis with email support throughout the week from Monday to Friday. 

You will have the opportunity to address your own needs and to have the shared experiences of your group. Your homework for the week will be set at the time of your group coaching conference call and sent to your personal email inbox. 

Any questions or concerns you may have in the week will be addressed through your personal email. To put your name forward for the next group coaching program please use the contact form on the right. or email:

 Group sessions offer a substantial discount from the one-on-one pricing listed below.  This discount is  dependent on size of group.  While group sessions do not offer one-on-one sessions, (you can move into a one on one coaching plan at any time with a fee adjustment )  do include email support Monday through Friday.

                                     Personal Growth & Relationships Affordable Group Life Coaching 

      Group Coaching supports you in creating a satisfying fulfilling life using result focused strategies

The Personal Growth & Relationships Affordable Metaphysical Life Coaching Program provides you with a personal toolbox of practical techniques, strategies, and direction for your personal Journey. This supports you in gaining a deeper insight and understanding of your situation by looking from a different perspective and establishing new patterns. The work you will be asked to do clears out the clutter and supports you in letting go of your limiting beliefs, thoughts and fears to enable you to be crystal clear about your decisions and goals. The changes you make can be very freeing emotionally and mentally, making it easier to stand up for what you believe in and to articulate what your needs are.  


                               Spiritual Growth & Self Discovery Affordable Metaphysical Life Coaching

                     The present is where inner joy, peace and harmony lives and it is your birth right


 Your program will be based on your specific needs for spiritual growth. This will be ascertained in your initial consultation and reviewed throughout your program to address changes.


All Spiritual Growth Affordable Metaphysical Life Coaching programs will take you on a personal journey of deep self-discovery, transformation, and awakening your inner self; ultimately finding your path to wholeness, inner peace, joy, compatibility and happiness. The program will align you with your inner gifts by increasing self-awareness, self- acceptance, self-love, inner strength and inner power, in addition to learning to listen and trust your inner guidance. The program will support you in knowing what your needs are and how to embrace those needs in your life, deepening your inner strengths at a core level.

Thus giving you the tools to deal with your challenges and turn them into gifts by aligning you with own confidence, skills, worthiness and abilities to turn your life around to how you want it to be.

* Sometimes you need to get out of your head and into to your heart to be able to listen to your own inner knowing,  guidance and truth. 

* Maybe you need to realize that what you need was always there, you just didn't accept you had it. 

* Other people need to learn to take back their power and stand up for them self, and have the courage to say what they really want to say and do.

* While other people like achieving personal and professional goals and dreams.

Whatever your need or decision is, everyone needs to recognize and break through their own limiting patterns......... and that is where i come in to support you to do that and much more........

The inner work you will be asked to do will assist you in identifying your obstacles, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts in order to make stronger connections with those people in your life that cause you distress or make you feel uneasy and not good enough. The program focus is for you to align with your inner strengths and inspirations on your journey to wholeness, accepting yourself, believing in yourself, loving yourself and putting YOU first.

All Affordable Metaphysical Life Coaching for Relationships, Self Discovery, Personal or Spiritual Growth Programs are offered one-on-one or in a group. The groups will be kept small and are mostly done online in workshops offered throughout the year. 


The 2 month Package Program works well when working towards a near future goal while strengthening and reinforcing your best version of you to support you in putting into effect new patterns and unleashing your potential. During your consultation we will discuss the best package to achieve your goals.

The 3, 6 and 12 month packages give you the opportunity to cover multiple areas and issues, allowing you to build a firm structure to sustain you through any arising situations in your future.

The goal is flexibility, with some clients choosing to start with one avenue and shifting to another as their unique needs are identified.

                          Small Group Coaching ( 4 to 6 people) starting at $197 per month

Please email 

to put your name down for the next available group coaching with Hazel 

 (or use the form on the top right hand side) in order to find out more and determine which program and duration will best suit you.


     Your Affordable Metaphysical Life  Coaching starts here 

 supports you in Creating a Satisfying Fulfilling Life 

using Result Focused Strategies


* Create a program for your needs to  * Empower and encourage you to make the best choices so you can go for that new position in work,  or  * Deepen your Inner Listening to create change effectively and have better relationships with those people around you,      or * Support you in recognizing your inner strengths so you do stand up for what YOU want/need,      or        * Deepen your intuition and know you are in alignment with your thoughts and feelings,        or  *Learn to listen to your inner guidance and stop second guessing yourself,        or  * Gain a greater  clarity and insight into your life situations so you can make better plans and decisions for your future,           or     * Feel self assured and ready for change and have the confidence to see through your goals,           or * Motivate you when and if you get stuck so you can continue to follow through what you started,   or  * Re-connect with your heart and mind and start to live your passion,               or     * Learn to let go of the past leaving space to embrace the your new self and new life,       or  *Strengthen your confidence and self-esteem so you can enjoy being socially active.        or  * Inspire you along the way to create the best you so you can relax and enjoy life knowing you are giving your best,        or   * Develop strong healthy relationships and know you are accepted and appreciated,   or   * Have effective communication for your self knowing your opinion matters and counts,      or * Being the balance in your life situations by responding to others regardless of how they treat you,        or * Recognize and own your Inner power and potential knowing there is nothing you cannot accomplishment or achieve  

 I will support and encourage you to take the action steps needed to achieve your goals and vision. We will work towards your best interests and best choices creating the best you...... in fulfilling your dreams with affordable coaching programs.


Group  Coaching









I can't thank Hazel enough for helping me make the needed changes in my life. I actually feel happy and fulfilled for the first time ever. 

D. Benton

I knew what i wanted but wasn't sure how to go about getting it. I found my path and direction after doing just the introductory offer. I just needed a little push in the right direction.

Richard T.

I wasn't a confident person and it was getting in the way of my job which I loved. I knew if i didn't do something about my lack of confidence I was going to lose my job. My coach sessions helped me step into my confidence, strength  and much more.

Now there isn't anything I can't face, thank you, thank you, thank you.

 Gloria M.

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