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                                                     GROUP LIFE COACHING 30%

limited time offer 22nd to 29th October, 2019

Group Coaching is an opportunity if you are looking to reclaim your voice, enhance your potential, free yourself from limiting thoughts, or be the best version of yourself.

The program will help you develop more effective coping skills, retrain the way you think, improve the quality of your life, love and accept your self while you discover and unveil the real you.

Introduction to BE FREE to BE ME

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A Personal Journey seeking freedom from the unknown and unseen that holds you back from realizing your potential.

Learn how to identify any unresolved issues to become your best self

Realize how much your unresolved past influences your life today and keeps you stuck.

Become aware of the invisible burdens you have inherited that stop you being you.

Discover how unresolved family issues impact your life today negatively.

Reveal the invisible burdens you have inherited that stop you from realizing your ‘gifts’

Are you ready to open the door to the past to solve the unresolved to know your true self

Are you ready to heal your personal struggles to find your voice and passion.

This is a Personal Journey of Self Discovery to enable you to have freedom from those unseen and unknown things that have stopped you from being the person you know deep down inside you are. Uncovering the recurring events and issues, being aware of the repeating patterns and why they are still playing in your life.

Anyone of these challenges disconnects you from who you really are, your true self. This is an opportunity to reveal the source of the generational issues by constructing your own personal roadmap to take you forward along the path you came here to walk. To be the person you know Your Self to BE.

How do I know if any of this applies to me?

Do you find yourself rescuing others? Do you feel people take advantage of your good nature?

Do you find yourself feeling obligated, can’t say no if you wanted to?

Do you feel left behind while others are enjoying the fruits of their labor?

You try to be successful in work and financially but always end up in the same unwanted situation.

Do you feel resentful towards those people who have hurt you?

Have you communication issues with family & authority figures?


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This class is one of the many classes in this series where you are able to look for and find the negative patterns that run in the background of your life that you are not even aware of. These patterns are held in your sub-conscious mind just waiting for you to hit replay and they repeat again and again, your unconscious patterns. Everybody has these patterns of behavior, thoughts, feelings, actions and inactions, and some serve you very well, while most only repeat the same old stuff of what you don't want.

You are only as good as your mindset and if your mindset it is not up to date with who you are Now, then you are running the old version of You and can be literally going round in circles going nowhere.

If you consider yourself to be ready for the updated version and want to develop some adaptive skills in which to benefit your life, then consider these classes for you.

These classes provide for you an Opportunity for your personal growth, self empowerment and self refection, so you can enjoy and feel confident in all your relationships with the people in your family, work/career, siblings, parents, in laws, grandchildren, anyone in authority.

By doing your own inner inquiry reveals so much information about WHY you haven't the FREEDOM you think, WHY you do things a certain way, Why you make the decisions you make, What holds you back from being Awesome.

All surmountable but needs your commitment to succeed. To get the best out of these classes it is suggested you make a commitment to come for a minimum of a month ( minimum 4 classes )

If you are ready to face the challenges and discover your own answers and become more Self Aware, more Responsible, Trust in Yourself, Believe in Yourself, Love and Accept Yourself and whole lot more.

I look forward to sharing my space, knowledge and experiences with you to support you in becoming the Master of Your Life and all that holds for YOU.

If you have any questions you can email me at:


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Metaphysical Life Coaching addresses your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/intuitive aspects of your self. We are all more than just our physical body, our physical self is the expression of the other three aspects of who we are. Those parts are very important for the well being of the physical self, so you need to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually secure and in balance with your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and action.

It can seem overwhelming at first that is why each person will have their own practical needs for we are all unique and may have similiarities but, also may address those in a different way to achieve the same outcome.

Metaphysical Coaching is having your own personal non-judgmental mentor that provides an experience for you to share together for your personal quest for self improvement, self discovery, success, and or a better life. You will need to set some realistic goals to work towards and there is no failure only achievement. Because sometimes issues or challenges can be so deep rooted that it may take all of your sessions to get to the bottom of them in order to start the rebuild or restructure of you. That is success and achievement in a huge way because everything will appear different, your thoughts will be different, how you see things will be different, your choices and decisions will be different and your outcomes will be different. BECAUSE you have unleashed your inner strength, power, knowing and learned to TRUST youself. Then you have the fun building upon those differnces which will take you further along the road to more achievement and success. Your sessions will support you on your journey and you have to do your work and make yourself important enough to put aside the time you need to address your needs first.

Everyone is on their own personal jouney and life will produce any lessons we have come here to address, obviously coaching doesn't stop those however it supplies for you the choices of the tools you need. Over the course of your personalized program you build up your own toolbox that can be used again and again. Not only does it build a firm foundation for you to build upon you also have the how to's address any further needs you may have. Life lessons are exactly that for life, that doesn't mean you are not learning new way, skills, beliefs because you are. Like everything in life you will need to remember to apply what worked for you before and take it to the next level.

Look forward to supporting you on your Journey to a better life and all that holds for you. Love and Light


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 THURSDAY 29TH AUGUST, 2019              7PM - 8.3OPM         $25.00

Join us for an evening of audience readings. Hazel will connect with the World of Spirit and departed Loved Ones for members of the audience and deliver messages bringing through evidence of continued afterlife and messages of love.

Everybody receives a message.

If you need directions please email and say where you are coming from Barrie, Orillia or Midland etc.


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                                                                        PERSONAL GROWTH COACHING PACKAGES

                                                                                  1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months 

A program designed to develop and deepen a positive self image of achieving your goals. Moving forward confidently and motivated towards your chosen goals. Strengthening your inner knowing, guidance and intuition, while recognizing your inner power and knowing your potential.

If you are starting on this journey or have been on it for it a while there is a personalized package here for your needs and how best to get them met.

We will look at your goal setting, improving your skills and problem solving along with your personal strengths and any weaknesses you feel get in your way. Other people's opinions and their negativity and how best to cope with that.

Relationship with yourself and others are important when it comes to personal growth, making sure there is balance without compromising ones beliefs. Success programming and getting out of your own way. Focus here is on being successful in your endeavours big and small discovering your unrealized or inactive talents and know how to use them to achieve your Goal, Dream or Vision.

Once you have mastered the art of being successful you can apply it time and time again. Comes with exercises, meditations, affirmations positive suggestion therapy, journaling and can be used over and over again.


PHONE OR TEXT HAZEL 705 238 3319


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Join us for an evening with Spirit, Hazel will deliver messages from your Loved Ones and the World of Spirit to bring proof and evidence that Life continues on. There are ten spots available and everybody gets a message.

There are four dates available Thursday 29th August, 19th September, 10th October, & 31st October

$25.00 per person

Interested contact Hazel at


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                                                                        SPIRITUAL  EMPOWERING COACHING PACKAGES

                                                                                         3 MONTH AND 6 MONTH AVAILABLE

Spiritual Empowerment Packages are designed for the development of a strong healthy version of yourself, discovering your voice, recognizing and owning your inner power and potential. These packages are about recognizing the opportunites that life presents to you that encourages you to make the needed changes in your life for you to have a better quality of life. When you stand in your power and make yourself a priority in your life it is amazing to see your life change and to watch how more opportunity comes to you to encourage you to take it a step further and further. 

                                      Empowering is LOVE, it is loving yourself enough to make YOU matter to you.

Most important you create a strong healthy foundation on which to build this healthy version of you and I support and guide you in how to do this, meaning you have to take the action steps needed, and I watch and applaud from the wings. This may take a while to do depending on how vunerable you feel, however there will be lots of support and encouragement giving you the necessary boost to help you along the way.

We will look and use the opportunities that life presents to you to keep the flow of change continuing all the time using the supporting toolbox to help you feel empowered each step of the way.  The Focus will be on you and your wants and needs along with making you a priority in your life so that it  can resipicated back to you from others.

Allowing you to bring more balance into your life making it easier to find and use your voice, and own your inner strength which is also called your inner warrior.

When you learn to stand your inner power, you can then deal with your emotions and beliefs from a stronger version of you. and get out of your head and into your heart where life takes on a whole new meaning. You can listen to your inspirations ( meaning in spirit communications ) and inner knowing to continue to turn your life around and use the OPPORTUNITIES for your well being.and live your dream.

TOOLBOX FOR YOUR JOURNEY: Audio positive suggestion therapy, affirmations, meditations, journaling, exercises, breathwork, homework.

                                                       IF INTERESTED IN KNOWING MORE ABOUT THESE PACKAGES 

                                               PHONE or TEXT HAZEL 705 238 3319


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                                                  PERSONAL GROWTH COACHING PACKAGES for 3 MONTH AND 6 MONTH

Spiritual Growth Coaching Packages are successful in supporting you through the up and downs of life challenging situations. We all have times where we feel lost or a part of yourself is lost, especially when you really need this part to support you through the next stage of your life. Ongoing situations can wear you down until you feel there is nothing left to get you through. You may just need a bit of extra help, motivation and encouragement to get you through a particular difficult or challenging time/situation.

Whatever your needs are they are sure to be addressed with your personalized coaching package. My aim is to fully support you in developing your skill set that is needed for your particular journey. First I make sure you create a firm foundation to start from, knowing that you can build upon it successfully.

Once that has been created by you with my support then you can start to build a healthier and stronger version of you for your next layer. You will then move on to develping your new or upgraded skills set that is required for the desired outcome of your challenge or situation, step by step leaving no stone unturned.

Our focus will always be on your desired outcome so we can manoeuvre through any curve balls that appear, and be ready for them. Week by week you will be building upon your strengths, confidence, self worth and self esteem and self love which automatically put you in touch with your inner power, inner knowing and intuition.

You will use meditation, breath work, imagery, affirmation and positive suggestion therapy to support you along this journey in addition to the requirements that are necessary for your spiritual growth, self expression, and embracing a new healthier version of you. 

The Bonus of your Coaching Package are the tools you can use again and again as you continue to grow and evovle into a deeper wiser version of you.

Love and Light                                            :):D