Posted by Rev. Hazel Burton on September 30, 2019 at 5:10 PM

This class is one of the many classes in this series where you are able to look for and find the negative patterns that run in the background of your life that you are not even aware of. These patterns are held in your sub-conscious mind just waiting for you to hit replay and they repeat again and again, your unconscious patterns. Everybody has these patterns of behavior, thoughts, feelings, actions and inactions, and some serve you very well, while most only repeat the same old stuff of what you don't want.

You are only as good as your mindset and if your mindset it is not up to date with who you are Now, then you are running the old version of You and can be literally going round in circles going nowhere.

If you consider yourself to be ready for the updated version and want to develop some adaptive skills in which to benefit your life, then consider these classes for you.

These classes provide for you an Opportunity for your personal growth, self empowerment and self refection, so you can enjoy and feel confident in all your relationships with the people in your family, work/career, siblings, parents, in laws, grandchildren, anyone in authority.

By doing your own inner inquiry reveals so much information about WHY you haven't the FREEDOM you think, WHY you do things a certain way, Why you make the decisions you make, What holds you back from being Awesome.

All surmountable but needs your commitment to succeed. To get the best out of these classes it is suggested you make a commitment to come for a minimum of a month ( minimum 4 classes )

If you are ready to face the challenges and discover your own answers and become more Self Aware, more Responsible, Trust in Yourself, Believe in Yourself, Love and Accept Yourself and whole lot more.

I look forward to sharing my space, knowledge and experiences with you to support you in becoming the Master of Your Life and all that holds for YOU.

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