Quotes Hazel has a special way of talking to Spirit, and not only confirms things that are already going on in your life, but also providing deep insight about what is next to come. Approxminately a year ago i had a reading with Sylvia Brown and Hazel basically confirmed everything that Sylvia had told me, for a fraction of the cost. In hind-sight I should have just gone to Hazel! I would recommend her to anyone needing a reading. She is a gentle caring soul. Quotes
Rev. Darlene H.

Quotes Hazel Burton is a gentle spirit teaching and living a spiritually based life. Her workshops are well planned and organized and participants walk away inspired." Quotes
Lori B.

Quotes Hazel?s 8 week Developing Your Psychic Abilities/Intuition workshop and watched as I and the twenty or so other people who participated in the workshop grew more comfortable with expanded our psychic abilities. What I find most valuable about Hazel?s work is that whenever she?s asked a question, and there were lots, her answers were always colourful and uniquely creative. It's obvious that she has a wealth of knowledge from the variety of workshops and classes she attended as well using examples from her own life experiences. But what I absolutely adore most about working with Hazel is her energy, passion and dedication for helping people on their spiritual journey and most importantly, her belief in your abilities even when weren't quite so sure about them yourself.? Quotes
Cindy S.

Quotes As usual, Hazel's gift at directed mediation was superb! What a great way to spend an evening. Great group, fantastic energy! It really helps you "hear" the little voices you so often brush aside and realize they are there for good reason! Quotes
Bev. M.

Quotes Hazel has a special gift of getting us to tap into our own intuitive abilities.It was amazing how accurate the messages were and how easily the writing flowed. Thanks everyone! ? Quotes
Michaela L

Quotes ? Wow, really great meditation. I had some amazing things happen. The card reading lesson was good too. I will keep practicing. I'm really looking forward to tea leaves next week. ? Quotes
Anna C.

Quotes I feel like this is the birthing of self and i know my core essence is at peace with the flow of energy .Absolutely enlightening, thank you Hazel Quotes
Judith J.

Quotes I loved it, very interesting content, and loved the hands on making the crystal. i feel it will be very useful for me to make use of. The length of time was just perfect Quotes

Quotes I often think of the weekend you did a reading for me, so much of what you told me has come to pass. My daughter and family did move in with us, and she did have a son, and yes my new job is his care giver. Two years ago i wouldn't have thought I would be doing this, I am glad i kept the notes I made at the time of the reading, and it is very interesting to see the predictions happen. Quotes
Jane Lippert

Quotes I found the workshop a light-hearted atmosphere in which to expand my mind, in the company of some really delightful people. Quotes
Sharon B.
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