Intuitive Consultations  by Phone & Skype

Rev. Hazel's love of working with 'Spirit ' has led her on an incredible journey. She has been a guest several times on CTV, and Psychic and Radio Shows & T.V. giving readings. She has also traveled across Canada with the Psychic Shows broadening her experiences and meeting many wonderful people along the way, supporting them to fulfill their desires and dreams in this lifetime.

Hazel has been reading for clients professionally for fifteen years, but actually all her previous working life she read for her hairdressing clients. At that time she had no desire to make it into a profession. Life changed that and she feels very blessed to have had the opportunities and meet the people she did along the way. She says everyone was her teacher thus helping her to grow and evolve.

It is worth remembering ALL the people you interact with play an important role in your life and your life path. They are helping you to discover your true self, to stand up for yourself, to love yourself, to put yourself first, to be kind and gentle on yourself, to accept yourself, and to recognize and know your potential.

               We are ALL masters, teachers and students, we are all here to learn, share and move on.

                                         Some of the topics your reading/consultation may include:


* Personal Relationships * Career/Work * Family Members passed * Co-workers * Home Life * Guidance * Spiritual Path * Friends * Ongoing Situations * Options Available * Work Relationships * Family Relationships * Spirit Guides * Change in Direction * Confirmation * Personal Challenges * Messages from Spirit * Soul Contracts * Soul Purpose * Spiritual Gifts *

All readings/consultations are recorded for you and sent to your email so you can listen again and again and gain more from your reading/consultation each time. A spiritual card deck  is used and a photo of the cards chosen for you  can be included.

Love and Light

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* Personal Relationships, * Career/Work, * Family Members passed, * Co-workers, * Home Life, * Guidance, * Spiritual Path, * Friends, * Ongoing Situations, * Options Available,  * Work Relationship, * Family Relationships,    * Spirit Guides,  * Change in Direction,   * Confirmation,    * Personal Challenges, * Messages from Spirit, * Soul Contracts, * Soul Purpose,  * Confirmation, * Spiritual Gifts.

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