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Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness and has been proven to provide many therapeutic benefits all based upon enhancing your ability to see the changes you wish to make in your life AND finding the state of mind for motivating that change. This changes how you view yourself and improves your overall sense of well-being simultaneously.

Hypnosis is perfectly safe and you are in control the whole time;  you can choose to come out of the trance state at any point of the session. Prior to your session you will perform a short exercise where you are able to have the experience of being in a light trance. Once you have completed this exercise you move onto the relaxation sequence which systemically relaxes every muscle in your body.

As you find yourself relaxing into a deeper state you are fully conscious and become less aware of the present, a bit like day-dreaming when you are doing a mundane task, finding yourself concentrating on your chosen assignment exclusive of the outer world.

The trance state we use for Hypnosis Therapy aids us in tuning into our Super Conscious Mind which is Limitless and holds the potential of creating all that the mind can see. You could say the possibilities are infinite, the more the mind can see, the more open you become to new possibilities.

Hypnosis Therapy is a Positive Experience as well as very relaxing, which in itself is beneficial to our well- being. It is designed for a huge variety of personal needs; to increase creativity, athletic or dance performance, learning experiences, motivation, self-esteem, confidence, health as well as overcome and deal with weight loss, phobias, separation, smoking issues, depression, anxiety, and stress. The list is endless (see below).


Hypnosis Therapy is safe for you to use at home once you have completed your induction. You will have your own personalized audio program to use again and again reinforcing your positive suggestions.

It can be as simple as listening to your audio last thing at night allowing your sub-conscious mind to do the work while you have a restful deep sleep. Waking feeling refreshed, energized and prepared for what your day may bring. This is your opportunity to create the changes you are ready to make.

BE easy on yourself and allow your new ways, new thoughts, new feelings, and new you to unfold naturally. It is already there, just hidden or under cover we are working together to remove.

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                                     Your Hypnosis Session may be done by Skype.

Clients use Hypnosis Therapy for a variety of reasons, examples of which are listed below: 

* Weight Loss, * Non-Smoking, * Stress,  * Phobias, * Sleep, * Enhancing Creativity, * Public Speaking, * Driver's Test,  * Motivation, * Self Esteem, * Health Issues, * Surgery and Recovery,

* Pain Control, * Loss, * Separation, * Letting Go Of The Past, * Liking Yourself, * Self Esteem,

* Improving Learning Abilities, * Focus and Concentration, * Improving Your Athletic Skills and    Performance, * Getting over a Relationship,   * Creating a New You,  * Enhancing your Career, 

* Success,    * Trust Again,    * Achieving Goals,    * Negative Thinking,   * Approval Seeking,      * Communication Skills, * Social Anxiety,   * Comparing Yourself,   *  Feeling Insecure,

* Reduce Alcohol, * Rejection in Relationships, * Fears of Not Being Good Enough,  * Refocus,

* Sugar Cravings,     * Easing Someone Out Of Your Life,      * Love Again, * Getting Over a         Relationship, * Achieving Business Goals, * Panic Attacks, * Injury Recovery,  * Worry,

* Fear of Success,    * Self Sabotage,   * Worthiness,   *  Negative Emotions,     * Potential,

* Who am I, * Bullying, * Gaming,  * Anxiety, * Feeling Not Good Enough,  * Confidence for work,

* Dealing with Difficult People,  * Confidence on demand, * Confidence in Making Career Change

If you have issues, challenges, are lacking or are in excess, we can work together to design a unique, personalized hypnosis script to help you meet your goals.


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The benefits of group hypnosis are:

+ Cost Effective

+ Group heightens the effect

+ Group Mind deepens experience

+ Group Collective amplify's purpose

+ Group Mind deepens the script

+ Group Mind enhances hypnosis

+ Group Sharing of experience

     Group Hypnosis gives you a                Powerful Hypnosis  Session.

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