Hazel has been working with people all her working life. She started as a Hairdresser when she was 17 years old. She was fast tracked through her Apprenticeship and Junior Stylist to be the Manager of a large Ladies Hairdressers in England, before she opened her own successful Salon which she had for 13 years, before emigrating to Canada in 2003.

It was time to re-invent herself as she had gained a Holistic Diploma whilst in England along with her Reiki Masters. She got a job as a Therapist in a new Spa and enjoyed the new experience but missed being her own Boss. The Universe always makes sure we are exactly where we are meant to be, so being in ' Cottage Country ' Hazel opened the first Mobile Spa Business outside Toronto. Hiring staff and offering Spa Services and Readings to the Guests of the  many local Hotels and B&B's for many years.

That inner voice was always there telling her, there was more, especially as she had allowed her Natural Intuitive Gifts to come to forefront of her life. She had taken many classes to further develop her 'Gifts' and started  offering her Services as a Lecturer, Medium along with Spiritual Development Classes and Retreats.  Hazel also offered readings for a few of the local bookstores in Orillia and Barrie.

As that side of her life grew into offering Psychic Parties, Workshops and Retreats on regular bases it seemed like this was a natural process for her new career. Again things were about to shift and she found hersel f signing up for a Minister in Metaphysics Course as a result of a conversation with a good friend. Hazel qualified for her  Bachelor's in Metaphysics and is Certified to offer Weddings, Naming Ceremonies and Celebration of Life Ceremonies, along with Spiritual Counselling. 

Doors had opened and closed as Hazel transitioned along the path of her Self-Discovery with a deeper Spiritual Awakening. Another door was about to open for her. She had accepted an opportunity to do a small Psychic Show and met with some professional Psychic's who suggested she apply to the larger shows. Which she did and to her surprise got accepted to start with one of the longest running Expo's. Another journey as more doors opened for her and she ended up working for 3 of the largest shows and traveled across Canada to BC.  Live had certainly shifted  from her first year in Canada, thinking that this was it and settled in for the long haul, only to have more change happen. This time it was a health issue that prevented her from traveling and from working for quite a few months.

Being at home wasn't what Hazel had planned, however it was what Spirit or the Universe had planned, it was a necessary part of the bigger picture. Not wanting her life to change but to continue on as before made it heavy going. Once again a chance phone call with a friend had her signing up and then completing two Accredited  Courses,  Life Coaching and Hypnosis.  Gone was the heaviness and back was the ease and flow with fulfillment. One only has to surrender in these times and be open to the opportunity that presents itself to take the next step. 

Now as Hazel looks back  over her time as a hairdresser, where she was also helping to sort out her clients issues, challenges, relationships etc. She had continued to do that when she came to Canada with her Healing Modalities, Lectures, Mediumship, Readings, Psychic Parties, Workshops, Retreats and then adding Hypnosis and Metaphysical Life Coaching to the package. She chose to be a Metaphysical Life Coach as it address all modalities of Life and Self. Being a Metaphysical Minister and Mentor was a significant turning point life in her Life.

Hazel brings to you the very Best of Herself and her Modalities and her own Personal Experiences of Self Discovery and Self Growth, Personal Transformation, Deepening Her Connection Within and Spirit, as she Supports and Walks with you through your own Personal Journey of Transformation and Inspiration.

Whether you choose to do this through Metaphysical Life Coaching, Counselling, Consultations and or Hypnosis,  You Can Be Rest Assured you are in Very Capable Hands as you Journey through Your Personal Transformations Big or Small. 

There are a variety of Programs to choose from and the One you Choose Will Be Personalized with You in Mind. 

You will have Hazel's full attention, Her Focus is on You Being Everything You Know You Can BE. 

She Believes Your are Never Given a Dream without Being Given What it Takes to Fulfill It.

 She knows what it is like to struggle with life situations, and she also knows what it is like to come out the other side. 

The Reward or Gift is there Waiting for You, and Hazel will Want you to Receive That Reward or Gift  because she Knows You Can, until then, She Will Hold The Vision of Accomplishment Just For YOU.

Whether you are having Coaching, Counselling, Consultation or Hypnosis from Hazel, Her Inspiration is a Testament of Spirit Working.

She is an Intuitive Psychic Medium which means that I feel, see, hear and know.  Hazel has developed and continues to deepen her own unique way of working with Spirit, to bring you the best Guidance and Direction for you. 





Hazel provided me the guidance, encouragement and support that helped me reaffirm my life path and purpose. I had been going through a difficult period but now i feel renewed after my time with her. Thank you for your clarity and faith in me.       Taylor S.

I want to say go for the package, I was hesitant at first. Now i know that it was exactly what i needed, there was no rush to get things done. Instead everything moved along at the right pace and i ended up with exactly what i was looking for, ME. I couldn't be happier or more at peace. Big Thanks and Gratitude.. Walter E.

Hazel gave me support and guidance as to my next steps. I immediately felt a great sense of relief and knew i was seeing life in a whole new way, which has given me more of what i was looking for.            Lorna D.

I have had the most amazing experiences and have been touched in so many areas of my life. I only look forward now feeling positive about myself and my future. Thank you so much.                                      Joyce. M.

Thank you Hazel I am back in control of my life and my future. You have helped me find the courage to make the changes i needed. I cant believe how wonderful i feel about everything. Your right it is better doing the coaching over a longer period of time, for i needed that time.
Thank you so much. Helen P