Life Coaching for RELATIONSHIPS

                                                      LIFE COACHING for RELATIONSHIPS
         Is designed to support you in creating satisfying, fulfilling relationships in all aspects of life. 
 As well, this program provides personal tools to help you make a difference in how you view yourself, so that you can interact as a stronger, more positive version of you in your relationships. The people in your life play an important role in your personal and spiritual progress. All of your relationships will be reviewed on this journey of deep self-discovery, firstly with yourself and the significant others in your life; moving out to family (past and present), work, career, friends, neighbors, teachers, students, and authority figures. Life Coaching for Relationships asks you to delve into past relationships to get to the root of issues. Addressing the challenges found there is key to turning your life around.  Your life takes on a new meaning as you finally put your ghosts to rest and let go of any toxic relationships and habits that no longer serve who you are. 


Looking honestly into your life and life relationships holds the key to your self-love, self-acceptance, and success. Being inspired and motivated by realizing your worth goes a long way in changing how you look at those uncomfortable challenges, putting you in the driver’s seat as you choose your path to happiness, joy and success. It is very rewarding when you are able to view all your relationships from a place of inner power and acceptance of self, finally seeing your challenges as opportunities for growth and healing, with forgiveness on all levels.


You are at a stage in life where you know there is more to who you are and are feeling ready to discover and reveal that hidden aspect of you. That part you know is there but you haven’t been able to get a hold of;  that part that yearns for expression; where your potential and natural gifts lie.  Life has put into play many of your lessons right from the beginning. It may be now that you are starting to see and realize the patterns in your life and have become overwhelmed with them. This is where my Relationship Coaching Programs are designed to help, guide, and support you from the inside out.  The goal is that YOU come to the surface, it is YOU that makes your life look more of how you want it to be and accept those parts/people you cannot change. You will learn to support your better self to wholeness and make good, strong, healthy decisions resulting in harmonious relationships.


Please call   (705) 238-3319 for an initial FREE CONSULTATION with Hazel Burton at Fulfill Your Dreams (or use the form on the top right hand side).  Together we will look at areas of your life that are not working the way you want them to, as well as your relationships. These can be from the past and the now.

The work you will be asked to do clears out the clutter and supports you in letting go of the old baggage and limiting thoughts, beliefs and fears that are holding you back from being your authentic self.

This allows you to hear clearly your inner guidance which directs you to discover your truth and purpose. It also allows space where positive thoughts and beliefs can replace the outdated, worn-out ones that don't serve you any longer.

Life Coaching for Relationships is also offered online in a group, these are kept small so everyone has the opportunity to feel included and join in,  making life coaching more affordable.

Please use the form on the right to put your name down for the next available group.  Some clients start with one on one coaching then switch to a group setting or vice a versa. The aim is to provide a flexible, custom approach that works best for you. 



All Life Coaching for Relationships programs provide you with a personal box of practical tools and direction for your unique journey. To sustain you throughout your program accountability, mentoring, coaching and techniques for self-healing are provided by continuous contact and support as outlined below.

Email support and review is included as are customized schedules.


Current program offerings with investment required: 


(note: The 1 month package works well when working towards a near future goal while deepening your intuition, trust, self-love, creativity visualization, and acceptance.  During our initial consultation we will discuss which duration will best help you achieve your goals.)

1 Month Program:  4 Sessions, 1.15 hrs each                              Investment: 597.00


3 Month Program:  6 sessions, 1.15 hrs each                              Investment $1,407.00 or 3 payments                                                                                                                            of $477.00   


 6 Month Program: 13 Sessions, 1.15 hrs each                           Investment $2.817.00 or 6 payments                                                                                                                            of $477.00 


 12 Month Program 26 Sessions 1.15 hrs each                           Investment $5637.00 or 12 payments                                                                                                                            of $477.00 


With all one on one Life Coaching Programs you have options for frequency and duration of personal coaching time:

3 month program:  6 sessions, 1.15 hrs each or 12 sessions, 40 mins each + email support Mon to Fri

6 month program:13 sessions, 1.15 hrs each or  26 sessions, 40 mins each + email support Mon to Fri

12 month program:26 sessions 1.15 hrs each or 52 sessions 40 mins each + email support Mon to Fri 

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I met Hazel at a Psychic Show and needed help in putting my life back together.I had a reading and that started in getting me moving from my stuck position. I knew i needed more and was so pleased that I listened to that inner voice. I signed up for the 3 months coaching package and it helped me so much that I extended to 6 months and have never looked back. I am so grateful for the support and encouragement in finding me again. Hazel is a wonderful mentor and I recommend her and her wonderful gifts.

Joanne K.

I always knew I was intuitive but I never had the confidence in myself to use it. Until a friend introduced me to Hazel and everything changed. I did a 6 month program with Hazel and it completely changed my life. I hated my job and my life. I ended up getting a new career which I love and moved house all in the same year. Thank you Hazel I found my voice. With Love Becky M.

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