Self Discovery
Do your feel your less than you were, have you lost yourself or part of your self, Living life pleasing others, Forgotten your needs and wants, Want to know what makes your heart sing,
Ready to reclaim you, your beliefs, values, needs, loves, happiness, your Unique Self.

   Self Discovery Coaching

               3 & 6 month Programs
Lost Yourself along the way?  What are your Values & Beliefs? What makes Your Heart Sing? What makes You Tick?

If you are ready and interested in reclaiming your beliefs, your needs, your happiness, your self importance, your mojo............  this Course Is For YOU.

Your course will inspire you to jump right in to Boost Self-Confidence and Self Awareness, where you are going to realize early on What makes Your Heart Sing with our great coaching tools. We are going to get you to delve in underneath all the nitty gritty,  to ask ' Who You Would Be if You Could ' and ' What Would Make You Instantly Happy '. 
                                           You are Going to Find Out What & Who Really Matters to YOU.
Next you will explore to get clear on your Values, what Motivates you and De-motivates You. Taking all of what you learn you are Free to Choose Goals and Activities that Align with your Own Values looking for  Deeper Meanings as you Access your Deepest Self. 

Most importantly you will know where you might Sabotage Yourself as you Explore your Inner Critic and get to Know How it Operates. 
Allowing you to turn your Life Around with the Self Knowledge of Getting to Know Yourself Better!    Express Yourself more Authenically:          Discovering Who You Really!        What You Love!      
          What Really Matters to You!. What you Really Value about You! 
                 Plus What You Are Capable of Achieving and More
                            INTERESTED IN THIS PROGRAM PHONE: HAZEL 705 238 3319 



 Metaphysical Life Coaching Self Discovery for Reclaiming Your Voice and Self Expression 

and more.......

Reclaim Your Voice and Speak Your Truth and be comfortable expressing yourself at work,        socially, with your spouse/partner and family.

 + Reclaim Your Beliefs, Values and make your own decisions and choices how and where to       live.

+ Know Your Good Enough and go for the promotion or new job offer.           

Believe and Accept You Can Achieve Your Dream. by developing the courage and strength       to see it through.

+ Uncover and Develop Your Natural Talents ( to write your book, paint for a living, be a singer     or musician, open a business, travel and write, give cookery lessons, be a designer.)

+ Find your Life Partner/Soul Mate and enjoy being in love and loved and sharing your life with     that special person.

+ Uncover Your Passion whether it is to travel the world, emigrate, be a parent, start a not for       profit, be a movie star or dancer

 Sometimes you need to get out of your head and into to your heart to be able to listen to your own inner knowing,  guidance and truth. 

 Maybe you need to realize that what you need was always there, you just didn't accept you had it. 

 Other people need to learn to take back their power and stand up for them self, and have the courage to say what they really want to say and do.

 While other people like achieving personal and professional goals and dreams.

+ Ready to take the next

             I would love to meet you and see what we can do together to achieve your desired outcome.

        These are just a few of the things you can achieve with 

  Self Discovery Coaching to Inspire Excite Achieve Your Best Self

Your Metaphysical Life Coaching Self Discovery assists you in believing in yourself, growing and strengthening your confidence and self esteem, knowing your gifts, flaws and value, trusting  yourself in developing a deeper bond with who you really are, allowing and accepting that person inside to shine out and be seen.

In your personalized Metaphysical Life Coaching program you will be able to identify your needs for learning and development, clarify your purpose, and be accountable and responsible for your actions and inactions.

 The process will help you let go of who you think you are and step fully into who you really are and are continuing to  become. It may sound like a long journey, but as you develop and deepen your intuition and inner knowing and realize what your needs really are and address them, then you naturally release the outdated version of yourself. 


In the program you will be supported in changing your perspective, clearly identify your challenges and develop effective strategies and techniques in dealing with uncertainty in life situations. This is done both by counselling and mentoring and by your work in taking specific steps and working through issues on a highly individualized basis, with very practical tools.

 Metaphysical Life Coaching Self Discovery is available one-on-one, or in small groups where everybody has an opportunity to have their needs met. If you would like to put your name down for the next available class please use the form on your right or email:

This is an investment for your future self to develop, to motivate yourself and unfold the potential that lies within. It is time to embrace and own your leadership qualities and go for that higher position................           .Or  harness the power of change and turn your hobby into a business...........                      identify your challenges and learn to overcome them and live your passion.

              Supporting you in your desired result plus enable you to make good decisions, take                              empowering positive action, profoundly altering your life in the direction of your dreams.


Looking forward to connecting with you,  email: and talk about your needs and our resources, packages and programs that are available to assist you.

                                         V.I.P.  One on One Coaching Program for month

When you need one on one support to ensure you are choosing and aiming for the best results, to go for that new contract, new job, manager position, be the boss,  move home, go abroad, 

 Looking to BE your specific result and turn your life around  gaining newer updated version of You                                                         V.I.P. One on One Coaching is recommended for you:

V.I.P.  Coaching...... ................3 months, 4 months, 6 months up to a  Year     $497.00 per month

Small Group Coaching............2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months.        $197.00 per month


       Metaphysical Life Coaching Self Discovery supports you in creating a satisfying fulfilling life

                                                       using result focused strategies

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